Sunday, August the 20th

Each candidate will stroll on the catwalk in bulge-wear to give proof of his monster pride! They’ll offer you a rare look into their private portfolio. Get ready for a raunchy view on their exploding monstermeat cause YOU will build their fame.  Every visitor can vote for his favorite MISTER BULGE. Once the music starts pumping our candidates shall present themselves in the best position to earn votes of their monstermeat fans.

The winner scores a cheque of 150 euro offered by Thickwall Cylinders.
The runner-up a cheque of 75 euro offered by Thickwall Cylinders.
The third in row a cheque of 50 euro offered by Thickwall Cylinders.
And the first five also catch a One Year Membership from The Boots.

And also this edition, there is a One Year Membership for a visitor of the Mr. Bulge Contest.